Letter from the Chair of the Board


As the incoming chairman of the ACE Mentor Program of Greater New York, it is my privilege to build upon the great accomplishments of my predecessor, Milo Riverso. The 2016-2017 ACE season was a banner year with continued growth of the program.

During my 20+ years working with the ACE Mentor Program, I have been a Mentor, Team Leader, and Committee Member, as well as serving my sixth term on the Board of Directors. I have also served two terms on the ACE National Affiliate Council. The perspective gained through these experiences will help guide my leadership for the organization as we move forward. The Board of Directors has embarked on a 5-year Strategic Planning process with a focus on Smart Growth.

We will continue our efforts to develop the next generation of architects, engineers, and construction managers while expanding engagement with our supporters.

John H. Pierce
Senior Vice President, Design and Construction
Rockefeller Group