Letter from Milo Riverso, Ph.D., P.E., CCM, Chairman

Milo Riverso Pro Portrait 1For six years, I have had the privilege of serving as chairman of the ACE Mentor Program’s board of directors.  The ACE Mentor program is unique in that it brings young people together with industry leaders to explore the exciting fields of architecture, engineering and construction in a very tangible way.

These fields are facing a very real crisis – for every four individuals who are retiring, only one is being replaced. As a result, this vital industry is going to experience a personnel shortage in the near future. The ACE Mentor Program addresses this issue by reaching out to high school students just as they are beginning to plan and look ahead towards their own future.  By engaging and educating students about architecture, engineering, or construction, we are increasing their awareness and excitement and encouraging them to enter these fields.  These students will be our future employees and industry leaders.

By supporting the ACE Mentor program, companies are making an investment in the future. Through the dedication and efforts of the participating firms and the 250 mentors, ACE continues to grow.  This year we registered 950 students into the program, and in 2012 ACE Mentor Program New York awarded $200,000 in scholarships to 84 graduating seniors.

Mentoring companies that invest in ACE Mentor Program NY are advancing our industry and ultimately, the vitality and growth of our region.  I would like to personally thank everyone who has worked to make the ACE Mentor Program a success.  I would like to encourage other firms to join us as we continue to work together towards an even stronger future.