Info for Schools

The ACE Mentor Program is a free after-school program for high school students who are interested in careers in architecture, construction management, or engineering.  It is also an opportunity for students who are uncertain about their future and want to explore new paths.  The benefits to all students include career advice, college guidance, skill enhancement, and scholarships.

The program application is available each year starting in August here.  Students who apply will receive instructions on how to join a team which starts in October.  There is no formal application deadline but students are encouraged to apply early in the fall. Applicants who apply late will be accepted but choices for meeting day and location will be limited.

Representatives from the ACE program would be happy to meet with parent associations, student organizations and/or school faculty.  We also welcome invitations to career/college fairs, student activity events and classroom presentations about architecture, construction and engineering. If you have any questions, please call 646-757-5829 or via email at:

To download a program fact sheet for students, please see our ACE Letter to Schools and Program Fact Sheet.


Program Structure

• High school students, particularly from under represented populations, are introduced to careers in the design/construction field.

• Teams are made up of 15-30 students and 5-7 mentors from different industry disciplines.

• The Team Leader sets the project schedule, prepares meeting agendas and may host or confirms meeting locations.

• At least 14 biweekly meetings are held from 4 to 6PM October through mid-May.

• Mentors present industry overviews, assign activities from ACE’s Best Practices Manual and guide the students through the development of a design project.

• At the end of the season, students present their project just as a real design team would present to a potential client

• Scholarships are awarded to top students who qualify at a luncheon in May.