Info for Mentors

Mentors are vital to implementing the ACE program’s mission. While serving as professional role models and helping students learn about the integrated construction industry through informal presentations, office visits and site tours, mentors guide their students through hands-on activities and the development of a team design project.

Mentors who participate in the ACE Program gain an altruistic sense of “giving back”, the gratification that comes with sharing knowledge and wisdom with eager students.  In addition, mentoring presents a variety of networking opportunities, as well as chances to sharpen individual presentation, leadership and other professional skills.

If you are interested in becoming an ACE Mentor or learning more about the application process, please visit the registration site here.


The Rationale for ACE

  • The construction industry is among the top sectors driving the U.S. economy in terms of jobs and wealth expanding activities.
  • The A/C/E industry employs more than 7 million people.
  • Baby boomers’ retirement in the industry is creating a severe workforce shortage.  Today’s workforce pipeline is inadequate to meet current and future job needs. 

Proven Outcomes­

  • 95% of ACE graduates enroll in higher education and almost 70% enter majors linked to the design and construction industry.
  • ACE students graduate high school at a greater rate than non-ACE participants.
  • The large majority of students (72%) agree that the ACE experience increased their motivation to go to college or enter a skilled trades program.
  • ACE increases the diversity in architecture, construction and engineering program enrollment.
  • Female ACE participants enter college engineering programs at double the national rate of their non-ACE counterparts

Time Commitment

  • Meeting Time: Two hours at least every other week from October to May
  • Prep Time/Other Activities: Varies (i.e.: Construction site/office tours, training, college night, Final Presentation Event, etc.) 

Mentor Tasks and Activities

  • Engage students in hands-on activities as part of the mentor team or as a leader of the activity.
  • Work collaboratively with other mentors to demonstrate how the different industry disciplines must integrate to design and build a project.
  • Be present and stay focused at team meetings.  Leave work at work.
  • Field Trip: lead a job site or professional office tour.
  • Share knowledge: Advise students about college, requirements for entering ACE fields, and career options.
  • Help students apply for ACE scholarships.

Interested in being a mentor? Please email Rachel Fontana, Program Manager, at, or Sue Veres Royal, Executive Director, at

To download a program fact sheet for mentoring firms, please see ACE Program Fact Sheet For Firms.