Alumni Testimonials

“ACE helped me decide what I wanted to study.  I would have no idea what I wanted to be without ACE.” Paul, ACE 2012 graduate


“I can’t imagine what I would have pursued if I hadn’t done ACE.  It was instrumental in developing my academic and career goals.” Michelle, ACE 2012 graduate


“The whole industry was completely off the radar for me.  I decided to apply for ACE after my calculus teacher recommended for me to try it out.  I had a great relationship with a construction manager who influenced me to study civil engineering.  I’m so happy I got involved with ACE since it opened up so many opportunities.” Laura, ACE graduate 2011


“ACE helped me establish my engineering/construction management career.  I began the program my senior year of high school and have been doing engineering internships ever since.  ACE was a great starting point of my career and I couldn’t be more thankful.” Mariam, ACE graduate 2011


“ACE was my introduction to the field of architecture and ultimately solidified my decision to puruse architecture in college.  It opened me up to a world of opportunities and allowed me to interact with professionals at a very young age.” Alexia, ACE graduate 2010