Call for Volunteers!

The ACE Mentor Program, a national non-for-profit organization that encourages high schoolstudents to pursue careers in Architecture, Construction Management and Engineering, added  landscape architectural mentors and program to one of their New York teams this year.

First year mentors, Alison Peckett, formerly of Saratoga Associates and Molly Bourne of Mathews Nielsen joined ACE New York’s Team 20 for the 2012/2013 school year, where RCDolner LLC Construction has sponsored the team for the past 5 years. Alison and Molly joined the team bringing Landscape Architecture to the multi-disciplinary table, which only recently was added to the ACE curriculum.

The ACE Team 20 project was the creation of a retreat for Google in Upstate New York per Google’s specific guidelines. The project had a large site planning component with complex grading and programming issues.

The students of ACE New York’s Team 20 presented their work at Google’s headquarters on May 7th to a packed auditorium.  In attendance were several other ACE teams, mentors, friends and family.  The presentation was based on a very strong inter-disciplinary and site planning approach that was heralded by both Google and the panel of judges presidingover the event.

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